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Cobra Speedster Shorts on my 1600 Classic?

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Ordered a set of the Cobra Speedster Shorts yesterday from my dealer.
Anyone have these on there bike? Any tips for installation will be appreciated?
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I'll do it.
I hope so. Hate to think I bought us 2 full face helmets for nothing :wink:
Honest, I hope they are loud but not earthshaking loud. I want to be heard, not shot at for disturbing the peace. Gotta remember, in my part of Tennessee, "he needed killin" is still a viable defense in court :lol:
Wish I could post an audio clip but I don't have the equipment for it.
Are you sure? Vance and Hines does but I couldn't find it on the Cobra site. If you know how to get it, please explain it to me cause I'd love to listen to them :?
Cobra now has the 222 degree heatshielding that is suppose to not blue. I'll find out if it's true or not. If they blue, I'll let ya'll know, you can count on that.
Thanks, I'll check out the 1500's on the Cobra site. I can't wait for mine to come in. I've checked a couple sites on the net and the Speedester Shorts are listed as "backordered". Hope mine aren't. Glad to hear the heat shields cured the blues.
I forgot to mention something. I have my Timex set to go off when it's time for me to go to work. When I ride, I leave early and take the long way to work :) With my stock pipes, I can hear my timex alarm go off :oops: That's just on right :wink: Here I am, riding one of the larger V-Twins made and I can hear my watch alarm go off :!: Nope, it's time for new pipes :D
Update: My dealer called and told me that Cobra will not be releasing this exhaust system until Sept 7th so I'll be a little late giving you guys my report. :cry:
1 - 9 of 27 Posts
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