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Cobra Speedster Shorts on my 1600 Classic?

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Ordered a set of the Cobra Speedster Shorts yesterday from my dealer.
Anyone have these on there bike? Any tips for installation will be appreciated?
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If you go to cobras web page www.cobrausa.com you can pick your bike and a assortment of pipes and listen to them there. I put the delux slash cuts on my 04 1500 classic and love them.[/u]
I went back to cobras web site and they do not list any sounds for the 1600, you can check out some of the pipes on the 1500E and other bikes. as for the pipes changing color these I put on have full length heat shields and are doing great I only have 1500 miles on them so far as for too loud they max about 103 decibles. when going down the road they have a low purr when you open it up they roar.
I have the Delux Slash Cuts and they give a deep throaty sound I am very pleased, My wife can hear me for blocks after I leave the house, and I have not hit a single animal after putting them on (Dog in April, Deer in June) yep a 04 that has been down twice. 25 years on the road and not a single wreck and then 2 in 2 month go figure.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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