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Cobra Speedster Shorts on my 1600 Classic?

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Ordered a set of the Cobra Speedster Shorts yesterday from my dealer.
Anyone have these on there bike? Any tips for installation will be appreciated?
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cobra did have some chroming issues a while back - even some of the kawi stuff they do was sent back :roll: - i don't think they blue any worse than v&h but that's one reason i'm sold on hk's :wink:
I have the Delux Slash Cuts and they give a deep throaty sound I am very pleased, My wife can hear me for blocks after I leave the house, and I have not hit a single animal after putting them on (Dog in April, Deer in June) yep a 04 that has been down twice. 25 years on the road and not a single wreck and then 2 in 2 month go figure.

i've known more experienced riders to hit animals i think more than anything
i just missed a deer myself 2 weeks ago in alabama by about 25 yards
she crossed the road at full gallop but i was only running about 30 so i had plenty of time to react but it still racks my nerves every time cause where
there is 1 there is prolly more :shock:
Update: My dealer called and told me that Cobra will not be releasing this exhaust system until Sept 7th so I'll be a little late giving you guys my report. :cry:
cobra speedster shorts

see below
Cobra Speedster Shorts

I installed a set on my Meanie this past summer, and compared to the stock boat anchors they are great. They are light and quite loud. They should pass the "car-alarm" test, and scare small animals and seniors from the roadside.
The fit and quality seem fine by me, and they even came with a rectifier re-locater bracket to move that ugly thing up out of sight.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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