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Constant Flooding on my 02 kx125

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Hey guys, My 2002 kx 125 is suffering a problem.....it seems that yesterday morning when i went to ride my bike, i started it up and rode for about 20 m reving it to max, when all of a sudden the bike just hiccuped and died. I took out the plug and examined and to my knowledge the plug was very wet. I put in my spare and tried to start the bike but it just flooded when i kicked it, not even a noise just flood. Then i decided to take out the plug, shut the gas off and kick it to air the pig out but it was no use.....the darn thing just would not start. I have a spark, half a tank of gas at 40:1 mix, I have no idea what the problem is so any help would be appreciated. I also noticed that gas was dripping out from where the pipe connects to the motor? Thanks :)
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its tough . It sounds to me like a problem in your float bowl though. Id pull off the carb and remove the float bowl and make sure there is nothing obstructive floating around in there.

part number 16030 on the diagram is whats going to keep your fuel from flooding your motor when nothing is running. when the float is at a certain level that needle is forced against a seat to keep any more fuel from flowing in until it has been used. This is the only thing i can think of if you have changed nothing and this just happened
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Thanks for all your help man, I am going to go try and see the problem now :)
no problem good luck and let me know if you find anything
won't start

while you have that carb off, check the reeds. if the bike just quit and won't start again, one of the reeds could be broken and it won't start. dirtbikemike
if your flooding the motor then you have dirt in the carb or a carb vent line plugged or a float level thats way off now.
pull the carb, take of the float bowl, pull the pin holding the float, pull the float and needle. get carb cleaner and spray down where the needle was sitting. take some air and blow thru it also. then put it back together and check the float height (set it to the spec in the manual)
pull the old plug again and kick it for a few minutes while holding the throttle wide open or do it while the carb is off. put your new plug in and hold the throttle WIDE OPEN while kicking it, if it starts to bobble (start) keep the throttle open till it cleans itself out and revs cleanly/smoothly.
NO CHOKE at this time.
good luck
My 2002 came over jetted right from the start.
Is this a problem you have had from day one or did it just start??
Try Checking your Float needle maybe its being stuck open if so then thats why your engine keeps flooding to check it try attching the carb to the bike and tke off the float bowl and hold the float up and turn on the gas switch and if gas is coming out than you need to replace your float needle but if it isnt then your OK
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