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Every day I drove my Vulcan, I must take a look at the cover plate with the name KAWASAKI :?

So I find it´s time to change that, and I made a plate at myself

Take a look

I hope my techical english is good enough to explain that working :D

It´s made by stainless steahl and electropolished.

The engraving is made by needle and black filled

It was not cheap but it looks great for me :lol:

Then I made 8 of these , same material , but the engraving made by laser

take a look

these cost 39,-$ each

Now I got question from the VN1550 Riders to make the same plate for him

Drawing is finishd

Produktion starting next Week for Prototypes

cost nearly the same , but I hope to get the price under 30,-$

Is there any interrest´s by the Vulcandriver in this Board.

Hope you understand, everything, and I not a Salesman, Im a Biker who starts making parts for my one Bike, and when something looks like, I ask for making for You

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