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'Allo, Mate! (too Brit?)
Anyway, the Nomad is designed to take two-up for a distance in comfort. If you strictly solo, I think it would be a waste of weight and bulk. That being said, I went from a very flickable 1200 H-D Sportster to a 1500 Nomad for the comfort. The Nomie's are rare on the pre-owned market in SoCal, USA, where the climate is similiar to yours, and when I found a good one, I jumped on it. When I got it home, lo and behold, the wifey took a look at it and said she might consider getting on the back of it, something she'd never done before with either of my Sportsters. Maybe it was the plush pillion pad, the backrest, handholds, and the passenger foot boards that did it? Anyway, we're goin' ridin' over Thanksgiving. The Nomad is not a canyon-carving twisty machine, but it is very comfortable for the longer ride, even solo, something the Sporty could never claim.
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