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G,day all. This is my second time at writing in. I have regulary logged on to this site and the sensible feedback from members I have read over the last few months compells me to seek your advise.
I live in Australia, I ride a 2007 Vulcan Classic, only mods so far are Iso grips and saddle bags. The weather is dry and warm, even in winter, hardly no rain. Great cruising weather. The roads are, in the main , well sealed and mostly straight. I have had the Vulcan for 6 months (only 8K)
but I am looking to update to the 1700 Nomad Classic. I do not carry a passenger. Can you guys give me an idea on a) if it is worth the extra $12,000 b) are the any bad habits the Nomad has, and c) are any there any other brands I might like to look at to compare. I appreciate your time and thoughts
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