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I have a 2000 Vulcan 800 Drifter. I want upswept exhaust on it but cant find anyone that sells it. Does anyone know someone who sells it or anyone know of who can make me what I want?
If you know a really good TIG welder you can make a heck of a set of pipes in an afternoon with a hack saw and welder. Get some mandrel bent tubing. I got some from JC Whitney years ago. A friend and I built the exhaust on my SR500 in about 3 hours. A few years later he built one for his SR out of stainless. Mine was chromed and looked good enough that one year at Mid Ohio races a Kerker/Supertrapp exec to stick his card on my seat asking where I bought it. He was surprised we did it, figuring it was probably from Japan or Europe. Here is the results of our work:

The mandrel bent tubing looks better because it has a constant diameter, not being pinched down like the regular muffler shop stuff. You can go on line to find the right tubing. My pipe was 1-5/8" ID because that, along with being 33" long to the muffler, is the proper spec for the best performance of my bike when modified. That came from an article by Gordon Jennings back in 1979. Your bike would do fine with similar diameter pipe, peak horsepower may not be the ultimate goal. The relatively large diameter will do fine for what you'd want and the cylinder displacement on your bike is only about 100cc less than the SR.

I will tell you single wall tubing will likely turn blue as mine did. I also should point out I have a small heat shield just by the kick starter. The reverse cone megaphone muffler was a cheapie, but looks right. If you want to avoid the blueing, you can do stainless, get some larger diameter bends and cut out some heat guards to attach to it, or get it ceramic coated. I'd do the coating if I did it over again.
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