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I want to add, I have 4 slightly flawed mounts I will sell with a fesh coat of powder of your choice (sorry in stock powders only, have about 50 colors to choose from)
They will be $45 each
one is the original vertical design I made, looks good but it was a prototype so not perfect
2nd is the new vertical cnc cut design, but has a notch taken out on one side for a wire for the light, but it was on the wrong side I was going for so now it is considered flawed. will be hardly noticed once on the bike with a plate on it. pending payment
3rd is the new vertical cnc cut but with a kind of ugly weld (let the wrong person weld it). The weld has no danger of not holding, just not as pretty as I like, so its considered flawed sold!!
4th is the new horizontal cnc cut design, looks just like the vertical but the backing plate is horizontal for the guys that it is illegal to run vertical, this one also has a kind of ugly weld.

I have two nice horizontal ones, they are $80 shipped
I have one black led cover, $30 if you buy an $80 mount.
here are a couple pics of what the new cnc design looks like

as always email me at [email protected] if interested or want pics of a certain one.

original design $45 shipped (coated black right now, but will have fresh coat of whatever color you want)
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