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Anyone have personal experience with cutting a windshield down?
Is this something I can do at home? or do I need to find a professional?
I've got a scroll saw. Does the plexi glass crack easily?
I'd just as soon not fork out $$$ if this is something I can do at home with some time & effort.

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I came across the following at VROC, and thought it may be of Interest
to you :D .


X-Archive: yes

Great advice from Tom Miller that I thought should be archived.

There are several different ways to cut a windshield, three of which
used. I've tried the jigsaw, die grinder, and a bandsaw. Of the three,
bandsaw is the easiest and fastest. I've cut two complete sets of
windows using a bandsaw, and cut off two motorcycle windshields. I
used a
die grinder to cut the shield on the wing, mainly because it's an hour
to remove it, and it is easier to cut it on the bike. Just go slow and
allow the blade to do the work. After you're finished use a piece of
grit paper on a paint stick or something similar to straighten the
then sand with 320, then 1200 microfine. You can buff it by hand with
rubbing compound on a rag and it'll look better than it did when you
One little hint here, take a piece of masking paper and tape it to the
crossbar of the windshield and trace the top edge with a pencil. If
wanting to cut off 2" off the shield then fold the paper 2" up from the
bottom, and tape it back on the crossbar. You'll now have the original
profile of the shield for a guide. Mark the line with a scribe and then
move the paper down a little and tape the paper below the line with
tape, leaving the edge of the tape on the line where you're going to
Now the shield is protected from scratches while you're working and you
the original profile as a guide. Good luck."))))))))))))

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Well, this should make for an interesting project. I was hoping we could get it cut down without having to remove the shield from my bike.
I'll let you know how it goes.
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