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Dave, how's your shoulder?

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?? Ready for the January 12th ride?
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Ahh i found the thread!! :)

It's comming along slowly.. :)
Just got back to work today... a good thing!! :)

Sorry won't even be able to do the ride on the 12'th.. boo :(
Mabey March or April I'll be ready.. :)
It sounds like it's healing up well...yes?

Ya.. it's coming along. still in good amount of pain though if i move it wrong.
I'll bet!!!

The one thing that was the hardest for me was to "LEARN" my new limitations after each surgery. There was always a period of frustration...and depression...BUT...once things healed up and I could begin to get going again and had accepted the new limitations...things have become "normal" in that respect. I know it'll work out for you too...it's just a matter of time....
Ya i know what you mean.At least it's getting easier to type!
Still alot of other things i can't do but in do time. :)
I know just what you mean Cary!!! I have been frustrated and depressed since my knee surgery. It has been six weeks now and simple things like sleeping with my knee extended straight hurts!!!!! :mad: However, I rode my bike for the first time since the surgery on Tuesday and held it up fine all day without any pain!!!!! :confused:

Well, I saw the doctor yesterday and he is putting me in Physical Therapy now!!!!

Give it time Dave and don't work too hard now that you're back on the job again!!!!! :biggrin:
Wow thats great ya got to get out and ride!!! Lucky you.... :)
The PT will be hard but do what they say. I am looking foward to when i can start... Get back on the path to a normal life! :)
Hang in there dude! There will come a time when youll be able to do something that totally wipes out all the past depression, pain, etc... and like the other guy said, it just takes time - time to get used to the new range of motion and other things. Heck i used to get so depressed every time one of my shoulders would sound like the muffled sound of snapping celery and then id think 'man i remember when i couldnt even open a door' and think of how much progress both shoulders have made w/out the surgery so i think youll be doing super great in no time flat. Persevere!! Just remember to not mess up your other shoulder by putting strain on IT and overworking it or getting to anxious with your bad one and injuring whats been fixed. Just dont get slack on the therapy either, stick with it man. Rock on.

Great advice on not over do'ing the other shoulder.. thanks!!

I'm sticking with it!! :)
Doctor it hurts when I do this...

Well then don't do that. ;-)

hehe :)

Than i would not be able to do much! :(
dave when i had my first surgery, i ended up with 75 percent of hte use of it again. they ended up taking 2 inches out of my roataor cuff, the cartlage and the capsule so i know about limitations you get used to them!!

Time will tell with mine.
Right now a can't bring my arm up in front of me at all, or to the right.
Funny though in the jacussee i can under water. I guess once i start working it out in PT i'll get it back...... i hope!
you will :) and the reason you can underwater is the resistance is diffrent. just be careful answering the door!! right now my biggest fear is climbing in and out of the truck. im scared im gonna slip on ice and screw all the drs work up. he will be ****ed if i mess it up :) you are doing great just don't get too depressed and think of the great rides you can have this summer without the arm hurting. btw whats the weather doing there? are you getting any of the rain that they are saying yall in cali will get?
Ya i got lots of time to wait. I guess i thought the pain would be better after the surgery... boy was i wrong. But it's getting a tad better every day. Sleeping better at night. :) I'm able to sleep on my left side last night with no pain waking up or during the night. :) Than before work i took a 2.5 hr nap. :) I work 2nd shift. At work now.. :)

Rain is coming.. None yet but it looks like it will start any time now. :) We need it!
A Blonde pays a visit to the doctor because she's in pain, so naturally the doctor asks her to point to where it hurts.

She points to her head and says, "It hurts here", then her knee "and here", then her hip "and here", and also her opposite wrist "and here too", she whimpers.

The doctor gently takes her by the hand and sighs, "Miss, your finger is broken".

Just a little humor to make you smile Dave. :D

It worked!! :) thanks!! :)
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