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Dec '08 MOM
December 2008 Beartooth Kawasaki Member of the Month


Location: Maryland
Interests: camping, shooting, scout leader,
Bike: 2006 Meanstreak
1999 1500 Drifter
1993 Intruder

Relaxing after a long day of riding.

Need a ride leader? Mike is the man!

One of his fleet....a handsome Drifter.

Mike, his son Drew & their scoots....it don't get no better!

Mike dines with royalty... the King of Michigan & the Kingofwings!

Mike has been instrumental in the organization of the 07 & 08 Pa forum rides & has already taken the lead in organizing the 09 Pa ride. With big Mike in front, another fantastic ride is a sure thing! Here he is with Cheri, JD, Drew, Skip & Cheryl on ths 08 ride.

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with work and the hectic stuff that is my life right now, i forgot today is Dec 1.

congrats to you mike, well deserved

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Congratulations Mike, you're a fine ambassador of the open road, and set a great example of leadership.

This month's for you.
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