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Hello all, It's been 20 years since I last rode. After much research on lots of different bikes and ended up with an Vulcan 1600 Classic.

I was looking around for a used bike - and I found one at a dealer in Utah. An '03 1600 Classic with only 712 miles on it. With Willie and Max 12" saddle bags, F&S Passenger Backrest, and Chrome Engine Guard.

I live in Southern Idaho (Pocatello) and we finally got some decent weather to ride in.... All I can say is - why did I wait so long.

Also - the paint on this bike is beautiful. Black Metal Flake

If your ever in Idaho and need a place to bunk - stop by...
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welcome popcorn. Just a bit north of Seattle for me. Never know when a weekend full of nice weather comes along, I might find myself in your neck of the woods. :lol:
:) hey popcorn...what brought you back to your senses after all these years :D all those nice lookin rides thats been passin you just got the best of you or what :twisted: ...just jokin dude...nice cruiser...welcome to board...
Howdy neighbor :D :D

welcome popcorn :wink: glad to have another 1600 in here!

ride safe!!
Welcome to the group! It's exciting to have all these great 1600 owners on board. The dealers are helpful (sometimes), but the real action is with the guys who own 'em and ride 'em.
Hey, Pop, better late than never!!! :wink:
Just as long as you don't start backsliding.......
You sure have some great riding areas out by you. We were in Montana and Wyoming last August and biking through Glacier and over Beartooth pass was just spectacular!! :shock: It's nice in a car but AWESOME on the bike.
Welcome to the board!
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