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Deron's Christmas lamp

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finally getting around to seeing this post, and it looks like it's a hit. thanks for posting the vid Darrell.
that brought a big smile to my face Carlo :D
i'm kinda running out of things to say, just don't have the words. never been good at putting my thoughts to words anyways, and i think i have exhausted all of the normal things to say. i have lost a few people i my life, some close, some not. i must say though, that i have never lost a friend as close as Deron was to me. honestly, i am still kinda in shock about it. being at the funeral helped though, i think it helped me get closer to closure.
i knew from the get go that most people would not be able to go. i was lucky enough to have the vacation time and a credit card handy.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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