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I am taking it into the dealer here soon...... and its under warranty... so i understand that will be one of the first response. But until then i am curious.

I bought my 08 BF 750 new in June and already took it in to have the seal the goes from the engine trans to the rear drive shaft replaced. It was leaking. Now the front diff where the drive shaft inputs is wet around the seal and has a very slow drip.... but its still a drip...

They told me the first problem was because of use and that i may have ran through grass and it worked its way in... REALLY???? thats possible.. a blade of grass can disable these??

So what do you think happened to foul the front diff?? Dirt Maybe?

That and the engine makes a nasty rattle noise when i rev it after warming up, and it has no power anymore...

Its a fun bike... but its getting on my nerves.... Lemon ?? Or common problems??

i dont bog hard .. mainly trail and hill climbs with the occassional mud pit that it walks through
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