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hi guys
had a bit of a disaster few weeks ago.
was out for a run on the ol h2 with a few guys from our local vjmc
all seemed well with the ol gal
on my return journey home i noticed the bike would cut out when i stopped
at traffic lights.
looking around the bike nothing seemed out of place and i assumed it was
maybe running low on fuel.
so i turned the fuel tap to reserve.
about 4 miles to my home all of a sudden i heard almighty grinding sounds
i stopped as fast as i could.
horror of horrors when i looked down at my covers that hold the ignition
timing they had all come loose and dropped down onto my electronic
ignition system.
so began a long push home :cry:
next day i found that the alloy covers had lost their fixing screws
maybe due to vibration of the engine
the cover had hit a magnetic sensor witch rotates from the crank
it had destroyed it completely
this had happened with just 3days to go till our big event here in northern
ireland called the north west 200 road races and i was gutted.
i rang a guy called rick in england who is probably the biggest dealer and
expert on triples
to my horror i found out he was in the USA on business
so where do i get this part? :cry:
out of the blue my freind andy from our club rang me and said that i should ring a company called DK spares in england
so fingers crossed i rang them.
joy of joys :D
they had the part in stock and sent it over by next day mail
with just 1 day to go the part arrived and i fitted it in
did a bit of setting to the pickups
turned the key and low and behold she fired up
yes their is a god :D
so i did make it to the races and spent nearly all of the day
chatting to people who where really interested in my bike than watching the races :D
so the moral of this story is
if your bike dont sound right for god sakes stop and give it a good
checking over
might be nothing but then again?

anyway hope you guys are all ok

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good to hear from you smoke :wink:

glad the ole gal is still running strong :D

good advice - a once over on screws and bolts once in a while xcan save alot of heartache

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Great story - glad you were able to get your bike back together.
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