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I have less knowledge than Nathan, but until someone comes along that knows something...

Oil and water do not mix. Unless you have a coolant leak (assuming you have coolant???) I can not imagine a way for water to get in there. You can get some condensation build up. But it sounds like you have a significant amount of water?

Was the thing sitting for a long time? It sounds like you have at least drained the oil. Might be good to fill it up, run it a little and change again to "flush" any remains. Bearings and cylinder walls do not like water.

Something to think about, is getting a service manual for the thing. VERY HELPFUL. Will tell how much, but you do not want to blindly add the "right amount". Like Nathan said, if there is a "sight glass", add until you are in the middle of that (with the bike vertical to the ground). I hold by the grip, stand it up, look at the glass (being careful not to let it fall on me :) ) add a little, "rinse, lather, repeat" until the oil level is nicely centered. It can take several seconds for cold oil to level after standing the bike up. At least mine does. And mine does not like being in the top half of the full range. The clutch "sticks" when it is cold. But that is my bike.

I guess the list has been pretty quiet with the holidays.

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