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Does anyone own a zzr600?

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I found one and man i fell in love instantly. It doesnt seem that popular tho. Anyone got some nice images or comments on it?
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What year is the one you found? I have a '93 ZX-6, which I think is now called a ZZR600, but I'm not sure. No pics of my bike yet, cause I'm getting it all repainted.

well i saw a 04 but i just found a 02 availbe in ontario... wut do you think of the bike? Any great things or bad things to look out for?
I love the bike. Great looks, smooth styling. Some of the newer bikes have went to some rougher lines that I don't like. Be better when mine's not pink/purple anymore. 8) I sat on some others at dealerships, and I like the 6 the best. I like the Kawasaki's the best too. I originally went in looking to get a brand new R6, and that didn't turn out. I bought this bike off a guy that I work with. First time I sat on it i was hooked, it just felt right. I'll let ya know more about how it handles and ride quality stuff when it's not winter and I can ride it.
Things to watch out for if you buy a used bike.

Run your hands over all the plastics and feel/look for cracks. Usually they are real hard to see. I found a few extras when I started sanding pieces.

Also look for tell tale signs that the bike has been dropped. Scratches on the engine covers, side fairings.
Check the tail of the bike. I looked at one last summer that looked great from the sides and front. There was just something weird about the back end. Some of the tail piece was held on by duct tape, and the license plate was mounted far underneath. I realized later that the kid who had it must have tailslid it doin a wheelie.
Also look on the front forks where they touch the frame if you pull the handlebars all the way to either side. You will see a tab attached to the frame that stops the forks. The tabs will be bent bad in a hard landing or could be lightly dinged up. Either way I would stay away from a used bike after seeing a screwed up tab.

Oh yeah I'm new to the board and this is my first post hope it helps. I herd it from a coworker who had 19 years experiance in collision repair.
Isn't the zzr600 just the euro/uk model of the ZX-6? I have the Haynes manual on my '98 ZX-6 and it says the ZZR is identical except for emissions and decals. I maybe wrong - somebody correct me if I am.
Here is a pic of my ZX-6 and the pic of the cover of the manual with a ZZR on it.
The bike you have is the E model of the ZX-6, cause it's the same as mine. The E's started in '93 and are still made. I got a new gas tank for mine off a '01. The new ZZR600 is no longer called a Ninja. It is a "streetbike", but it looks exactly the same as the old ones and has the same engine as the 6R.
zzr /zxr ??


first of i think looking at the tourer racer application might help, as far as i know the zz-r is a tourer, single mould seat, higher seating position, etc.

the zx-r is set up more for racing. so if you asked me you have the ZZR, stickers lables etc are diffrent on many vehicels in many countries.

go look at the new bike sights and compare
the ZX600 and the ZZR600 is the same bike.
zachatak is right it's just another name

zx600-r is something else... :wink:
Here's my baby. Just got him in Jan this year. Its an 03 model, and was an ex shop bike with only 800km on the clock, so I've had no problems with the bike at all, but it was essentially brand new still.... Just a problem with how short I am (5' just)....but I'm getting there :D

I ride an '01 zx6e. It is a great bike. I'm 5'7" and 210lbs. No lack of power and the handling is great. If you are looking for a bike to enjoy everyday, on long trips, or the thrill of a twisting back road I would recommend checking this bike out. Not only fun but also greatly affordable. I have 8 months driving on mine and so far it has been a great 13,500 kms.
I have just recently bought a scrapped ZZR

Its the American imported one, and yes, its the ZX6

I have put a few touches to it, and here are some piccies


Dont moan about the site, I just threw it together, and added these pics to show my mate, and never got round to doing a proper job ( Thats me all over )

This very bikes has had all the plastics replaced, and some bits to the engine too ( Covers luckily - the engine itself is still ok ), the frame has also been redone with aluminium alloy ( handy when some of my family work with it ) and the entire bike has now lost 130lbs.

Ok, my views on the bike:-

1 - Comfort
Yes, its a Sports Tourer as opposed to the ZXR, however, I have found it to be perhaps the most awful thign I have ever owned, and I have owned a fair number of bikes. I hate it.

2 - Handling
Yes, its fairly good at handling, not on par with pretty much any other 600 I have ridden, so dont expect it to keep to the road like a CBR or GSXR, or the ZXR, but then, they are a different league!

3 - Speed
Ok, its not bad for a quick fisting ( Now now ) down the road, but its not a racer, and anyone should appreciate that, despite its look and feel, it just does not cut it. Oh, and its a fantastic ammoutn of performance to get the front wheel up just enough to look impressive to your mates, and have total control ( Thats a real myth, but you know what I mean! - it never loses its line )

Overall, its a very good bike, has far more accel and speed than anyone could sensibly use, handles just enough to make a good rider stay on the road, oh, and the fual economy is actually fairly good, although as this is the only 600 that I have owned, I can only compare it to completely different bikes, which wont be fair, but I get way over 50 miles to a gallon, and I thrash mine, so I am happy there!

Choice for future
No way... I would Never buy one of these again. However, sports style bikes are not my thing, I must stress that, so the chances are, that I would moan about pretty much any bike in this style, I am very much a sit-up-and-beg rider, and having just sold off my GoldWing before I bought this one, I am judging it by the wing, which is unfair, but now I do have one, I am not going to sell it off, so that says quite a lot in its defense!
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Hey FatRakoon, why is it so uncomfortable? I don't have any probs at all with mine, so I'm curious to get specifics about your experience.

Only prob I've had with comfort (initially) was my right hand, but think that was from "the death grip" when I first started on it. Seems to be ok now though.
I think its most likely because I have to rest a lot of my main weight onto my arms. I dont like this, which is why I liked the Guzzi and GoldWing so much perhaps?

Also, with my size, and the shape of the fairing, coupled with the riding position, I get smacked perfectly in the eyes with air going over the fairing, and this makes thigns worse! - if I lift my head a little, the blast goes under my helmet ( Fnarr ) and tries to pull it off ( ooer! ) and if I lower my head, I have to look through the fairing!

Dont get me wrong, for a sports/rep style bike, it quite probably is a very comfortable bike, but as I said, going from a GoldWing to this, is one hell of a downgrade. I could happily go all day on the goldwing, and often did, 500 miles in one journey ( apart from refills and grub of course ) is nothing, and when you get off, you dont need to stretch and get rid of the aches, but this thing... Painfull knees, tired wrists, and both back and neck in agony after just 50 or so miles!!!!!

Also, one thign thats is sad, is that I really miss the stereo!

I used to love doing 10mph with 450w of Bhangra hammering my ears!
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Yeah, you need to get another cruiser.
I sat on a buddy's '04 ZX6R and was surprised at how comfortable my E was in comparison. The R has a more racing position.
I plan on getting an MP3 player and some small head phones that'll fit inside my helmet.
I am not sure how it is for you ( I am assuming your American? ) but in the UK, its illegals to use headphones! - A stereo is ok, but not headphones.

AFAIK its because with headphones, blank out most of the noise of other traffic, while an external stereo does not!

Now, if this is true, then I find that to be extremely prejudice against bikes, because lets be honest, 99% of cars are silent, and you cannot hear a single thing from inside one!

Anyway, thats what I heard.. Whether that law is true, I dont honestly know as I have never been caught.

Cruiser - yes, I have to admit, I do need to get one! - I also have a GS850 which is a lot more to my liking, but its in desperate need of new gaskets in the bottom and middle of the head, plus its currently not taxed anyway, so...

Thats got a more "StreetFighter" feel to it, which I would seriously consider doing to the ZZR, however, my project pictures give me the real impression, that a ZZR is not really the kind of bike to "Fighter"... Or at least not as good as the ZXR would be anyway!

Also, the GS is a big and heavy bike, and I cannot put my heels down, so I need to alter the ride height a little, while teh ZZR is a near-perfect height for me
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