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Does anyone own a zzr600?

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I found one and man i fell in love instantly. It doesnt seem that popular tho. Anyone got some nice images or comments on it?
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wots ur 20

hiya fatracoon, where u at in sunny ole wales, i'm down in neath, should u care to meet up for bikestuff/beer.just let me know.ride safe.

:x :x
FatRakoon said:
I am not sure how it is for you ( I am assuming your American? ) but in the UK, its illegals to use headphones! - A stereo is ok, but not headphones.

AFAIK its because with headphones, blank out most of the noise of other traffic, while an external stereo does not!

Now, if this is true, then I find that to be extremely prejudice against bikes, because lets be honest, 99% of cars are silent, and you cannot hear a single thing from inside one!

Anyway, thats what I heard.. Whether that law is true, I dont honestly know as I have never been caught.

Cruiser - yes, I have to admit, I do need to get one! - I also have a GS850 which is a lot more to my liking, but its in desperate need of new gaskets in the bottom and middle of the head, plus its currently not taxed anyway, so...

Thats got a more "StreetFighter" feel to it, which I would seriously consider doing to the ZZR, however, my project pictures give me the real impression, that a ZZR is not really the kind of bike to "Fighter"... Or at least not as good as the ZXR would be anyway!

Also, the GS is a big and heavy bike, and I cannot put my heels down, so I need to alter the ride height a little, while teh ZZR is a near-perfect height for me
Yeah, I am just up the road from you! :twisted:

I live in Colwyn Bay, CONWY

Sort of between Bangor and Chester, near Llandudno/Rhyl :wink:

Sure enough, if you fancy a run out, I suppose I could make it.

I got 3 kids though, so time is hell to get... Its times like these, I wished I still had my Guzzi, cos I didnt care about the mileage on that ( 126000 miles when I sold it - its done over 300k now with its current owner, and still has never had any spanners touching it yet ) :(
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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