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I just posted this but I think I put it in the wrong section(swap meet) so I am going to post it again here.

I am having problems with this one.

Gear Shifting Faulty:

Doesn’t go into gear; shift pedal doesn’t return:
Clutch not disengaging
Shift fork bent or seized
Gear stuck on the shaft
Shift return spring weak or broken
Shift return spring pin loose
Pawl spring broken
Shift mechanism arm broken

I have no problems upshifting but downshifting from 3rd through 1st and nuetral I have to engage it in each gear on the way down and accellerate before it will go down to the next gear and if I can get it to 1st gear the foot shifter will still move down. In 1st you should not be able to push the foot shifter down anymore but mine still moves down. When it gets stuck in 3rd I can push on the shifter down and it moves but the gears don't change. It's very frustrating and sometimes I have to take off from a stop in 2nd or 3rd gear.

I've never had a problem like this before not sure where to start so I'll will start here by asking questions. Anyone have any ideas on this one?
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