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This Friday I will finally get to live a long dream of mine. I will be the proud owner of my dream bike, a 92 kawasaki zx-11. I have owned others, a 1987 goldwing 1200, a suzuki gs450, and a 95 gsxr 750. I also have completed the MSF BRC and ERC courses. I am new to the site but seems like everyone gets along and are very helpful. Happy to be a part of this.

The bike has 32k but was completely rebuilt at 17k and since then used primarily as a sport tourer. The paint and body are perfect and the motor runs just like i dreamed. It has a clear title and only two owners. The last owner got a wild hair in him and in 99 documented and had the whole thing rebuilt frame up. He just bought the new ZX-14 and no longer needed this one.

As new owner of this bike, I am open to any suggestions as up keep, tricks to keep it running for as long as I can or things to keep an eye on, or just any friendly advise about the zx-11 just as sites to get gear and supplies from.

As soon as I get it I will post some pics on here. I can't believe how excited i am about a bike.
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