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dream bike and place 2 ride

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whats everybodies dream bike and favorite place you would like to ride it? true places or fictional. mine is a gixxer 600 on the autobahn. OH YYEAAAAA!!!!!
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LOL, I here that, As my name inpilies I'll take a ZX-10R, and put a turbo in it, on the autobahn of course. 215 mph fun :)

oh i almost forgot, OH YEEEAHH!!! :lol:

ball bearing turboed busa on the bonneville salt flats
and i don't even ride a sportbike :twisted: :lol:
A lowered 2004 Kawasaki KX250f with a full pro circuit system with the 496 silencer, renthal bars, all black plastics with 2004 Design Pro Circuit Team Graphics and Seat Cover, and Pro-Action Suspension and renthals chain and sprockts. Sorry I don't know much about streetbikes. :mrgreen:

Oh and at Frozen Ocean mx track.
An H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic cruising the rural back roads through Kentucky, Tennesse and Georgia. My GF sitting behind me.

That's one dream bike / ride of many!
lol, nice, I just wanna whind a big turbo ZX-10R out. Fast accelartion, and high top end :)
Hehe. I would have to say a ZX-6RR at Laguna Seca. Something about taking that corkscrew that just intrigues me so **** much! Hehe.
lol, yeah. I've only played it on Gran Turismo 3. But even in a game its awesome!
Lol. That cork screw also happens to be potentially lethal!! But that's ok! Just as long as I got to ride on it.
lol, yeah. I've seen a few races on Luguna. Man, that's a sweet track.
dream bike and ride...

I'd like to have a very quiet whisper-mode bike that I could hear the tires as they went around corners taking the mountain roads where they are switchbackslike little s's stacked on top of one-another for about 30 miles as they wind up, down and finally end up on top of a flat top mountain on the west coast so that I could arrive in the morning and watch east and seee the shadows fill the valley below and then ride some more ...then in the evening ride the wsame road over again and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, then ride the road home an dpark my bike back in the garage and give it a shammy cloth widpdown to remove any dew, then work out on the computer for several hours then sleep till 5AM and get up and start my day on the ride up again...coffee and doughnuts then ride to the top have my lunch watch teh vally shadows disappear, ...you get the idea...just me and the road, my bike and me as one...and I guess on rare occasion have some other riders along...but have it peaceful and quiet not blasting, yelling and not enjoying the scenery of the water falls, river tha truns alon ghe switchbacks and then the top to watch the ocean...oh.......
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