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Hi everyone.

I had the unfortunate experience of dropping my brand new Z750 the otherday and now im in search of much needed advise...

It's still very much ridable - the drop was on a road, but at minimal speed. (leg cramp gone wrong - dont ask!) The visual damage is only to the front bikini faring, bar-ends, handlebar - slightly bent, and the engine cover. For my own vanity reasons, I do want to get this fixed up asap, but at minimal cost.

My main concern is the handlebars...in the garage, i can feel the left bar ever so slightly closer than the right. At 60kph I notice that the handlebars actually 'wobble' even though i'm travelling in a straight line.

So, my question is...will this 'wobble' fix itself if i purchase a new handlebar, or is it far worse than that? Its as if the wheel & bars needs an alignment, just like a car.

Would appreciate ANY feedback to this when you can.
Thanks heaps,


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Never a good feeling when your bike kisses the Tarmac even worse when she's new :cry:

What usually occurs when a bike goes down is that the bars contact the road and get bent but on occasion the forks twist slightly in the Yolks and that i why the Bars and Wheel feel out of alignment.

If you are really unlucky the Forks can bend but this is usually only in a good impact.

I would suggest New Handle Bars, Get the Front Wheel checked to make sure it's not buckled, Then get it Balanced and the Alignment sorted out.
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