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Drop Recovery

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Hi everyone.

I had the unfortunate experience of dropping my brand new Z750 the otherday and now im in search of much needed advise...

It's still very much ridable - the drop was on a road, but at minimal speed. (leg cramp gone wrong - dont ask!) The visual damage is only to the front bikini faring, bar-ends, handlebar - slightly bent, and the engine cover. For my own vanity reasons, I do want to get this fixed up asap, but at minimal cost.

My main concern is the handlebars...in the garage, i can feel the left bar ever so slightly closer than the right. At 60kph I notice that the handlebars actually 'wobble' even though i'm travelling in a straight line.

So, my question is...will this 'wobble' fix itself if i purchase a new handlebar, or is it far worse than that? Its as if the wheel & bars needs an alignment, just like a car.

Would appreciate ANY feedback to this when you can.
Thanks heaps,

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Never a good feeling when your bike kisses the Tarmac even worse when she's new :cry:

What usually occurs when a bike goes down is that the bars contact the road and get bent but on occasion the forks twist slightly in the Yolks and that i why the Bars and Wheel feel out of alignment.

If you are really unlucky the Forks can bend but this is usually only in a good impact.

I would suggest New Handle Bars, Get the Front Wheel checked to make sure it's not buckled, Then get it Balanced and the Alignment sorted out.
Bent bars are annoying but should not by themselves cause a wobble. Have the front end checked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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