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Dear Kawasaki-Community,
despite many google and webring searches, I never found a Message Board for Ducati motorcycles as complete and functional as the one you guys (as well as Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda enthusiasts) luckily have at your disposal...

...so I started my own.


The Forums have been officially launched today and the site itself is still in its early stages of development, but feel free to browse around and register if you want, give me some feedback/constructive criticism if you'd like.

Right now I am spending a respectable amount of money on reliable hosting out of my pocket, I have no sponsors and I am working alone on it, so this thread is in no way meant to earn any type of money, but should rather be taken as a way for me to spread the word about one more online community ready to serve its members.

Thanks guys, Happy New Year and ride safe.

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