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I made a trip to Michigan this year. It was similar to my IBA ride with the exception that I KNEW I would be camping and as such took along the appropriate gear. To say my bike was loaded is an understatement. With the exception of emergency tools I used everything I took, and I could have used a couple extra clothing items. Stinking rain. Still, I realized one major problem. I couldn't look for souvenirs for the family. There wasn't any place to put them. That's my 900 next to the Nomad with absolutely the LAST bit of rope available in KC.

So I decided to get a trailer hitch because next year I want to go back to Colorado and camp. I can get all that stuff in a little trailer plus what was in my saddlebags and have them for stuff I need to access during the trip like maps, Tylenol, sunblocker and if I ever go back to Michigan, RAINGEAR!!! Will a 900 pull a trailer? When I was growing up I worked with a guy that pulled one with a 400, 2up. Sure, it didn't go that fast but the national speed limit was 55 and he didn't have any problems. What's more, Forum Member Turtle47 has one on HIS 900 and says it pulls just fine. It's going to drop my MPG but once I get where I'm going and drop the trailer I'll actually get better mileage without all the stuff on the back of my bike.

Now it wasn't too much before that a forum member was advertising his hitch, and I knew he sold them on Ebay so I went looking and found him. Here's a link to the winning page so you can see how he has them listed. Murray builds these hidden hitches in batches and sells them on the Bay. Looked like a nice unit so after sending 50 bucks a pay period to my Paypal account when I had the money saved up I purchased it. About 10 days later the package made it across the boarder and to my desk here in lovely Kansas City, along with some really cold Canadian air which Murry said was 'No Extra Charge'.

So after getting a day off and some extra parts to also put on the bike at the same time I got home early from work and started to mod the bike. Here it sits with a new rear wheel and the hitch in front.

And here's my bike up on the Sears, Harbor Freight, Pep Boys (only difference is the color) jack. I worked on the bike over a couple of days. It was nice to be able to move it in and out of the way while I did other things. Not that it would have been all that big of a deal to do straight through, just I'm not allotted that much time.

It's pretty quick to get the fender off. Didn't realize that. Took me forever to install the Ghost Brackets but I guess that's just because I needed about 5 trips to the hardware store and a bunch of alignment. Now all that stuff comes off in minutes.

Basically on an LT you take off the bags, the Luggage Rack and Sissy bar, the Chromy pieces which are hiding the frame and the 4 bolts that screw into the fender support. Take off the seat latch, unplug the wiring harness, unbolt those 4 bolts and drop the rear of the fender down and rotate it out from the bike. Put it down upside down on some blankets or an old coat so it won't get scratched and drill the threads out of the Fender Support with a 21/64ths bit. At this point either cut a trailer connector into the wiring harness, or you could splice one into the wiring under the chromy plate light cover. Then place the hitch into the fender and run the two hex head bolts through the front Fender Support holes and flush through the fender.

Now, grab the rear of the hitch, the front of the fender and slide it under the frame with the rear lower, line it up on the retaining pin and rotate the rear of the fender up until you can slide one of the supplied bolts in one of the rear holes. Then use the supplied allen bolts and lock nuts and bolt the sucker down. Replace all the stuff you took off. What's it look like now?

What, don't see it? That's cuzz it's a Hidden Hitch. Here it is under the fender after I took it for a test ride.

Everything fits, Everything you need for the physical connections comes with the hitch. You need your own electrical harness which will have to match to the trailer you intend on hauling. It's about a 2 hour job if you take it slow.

Now I gotta get a trailer!
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