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Electrical problem/ wont start, PLEASE HELP!

1994 Vulcan (EN) 500

The other day after an hour ride i went to start my bike again and got no power what so ever, i immediatly checked my junction box and a section of fuses were burned and the junction box it self melted all the way through. I replaced the Junction box and the fuses. When I turn the key still got no electricity. I then opend up my ingnition switch to find that it was not getting a strong connection and had shorted out on one of the metal connectors (that explains the melted juntion box) when the key was in the "on" position. I then pressed it together and got electricity and the bike started right up. however i had no way of keeping the connection in order to get the bike home. Because i had to replace the ignition switch any way, i cut the wires and tried to hot wire the bike (was not the smartest idea). when i tried hotwirein the bike i connected the Blue and Red wire together and the white brown together. i got electricity however the second i press the "start" switch the bike tried starting (cranking but not turing over) and keep on trying to start even when i was not pressing the switch. i disconnected the wires. The next day i was able to find a new ignition switch for my bike, i hooked it up turned the key and got nothing (due to the battery being dead after draining its self out). I then tried to jump the bike and this is what happens

Even with the ignition in the "off" position when i touch the + battery cable to the + terminal it sparks and tries to start the bike (yet again cranking but not turing over). when i turn the key into the "ON" position and touch the + terminal i get the same sparking and trying to turn over, the only difference is with the key in the "on" position i have electricity and if i hold the cable on the + terminal it will spark, try to start, and the alarm with make sounds.

I am looking for even a quick fix just to get the bike started once to get it home (about 30 min) because the parking garage called and told me they will tow the bike if it is not moved tomorrow.

I would tow it but money is very tight right now and i need to save up what i have to actually fix the bike being it is my only mode of tranportaion.
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