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Electronic Static Timing Issues - 78 KZ1000 Z1R

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Background - Bike ran perfectly no issues but I needed to change the points housing side cover which meant removing electronic ignition. When I put it back together and tried to set initial static timing based on a online video I'm having the following issue. Here is my test set-up/problem:
  1. Test light connected to battery ground
  2. Attached one end of lead to #1 coil input stud & other end to test light probe end
  3. Engine set to advanced timing mark for 1&4 cylinders
  4. Magnet pointed to 9 o-clock side
  5. Ignition on
  7. I can rotate both engine, timing plate and magnet and the test light always remains on. It is my understanding that the test light should be off and and you set the timing so the light comes on.
  8. HELP.
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Look at this video, it explains static timing, and it's the same for any kind of vehicle that has points. You may have left out one of the pieces that isolates the moving point and if that is touching the post, the whole plate will have voltage. It when the point closes that the charge in the coil goes to the distributor (coils) and causes a spark. It seems that you have you voltage touching the plate somewhere, it could even be a pinched wire. :)

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