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Hello to all!

I am pretty annoyed with fuel capacity of my Kawasaki Eliminator EL250 (not V-twin). It has only 11 litres, which allows me to make around 100 miles on full tank. Yesterday I almost run out of gas, because I forgot to switch fuel tap from reserve to normal when refuelling before. Only 0.5L has left. Longer trips are really difficult, because you have to plan visiting gas station every 60-80 miles.

I am seriously thinking about replacing this 11L tank with something bigger, but is it really possible? Is there any larger tank which can fit to my Eliminator?
Here i have found specs of EL250 but V-Twin version and it says it has 14L tank (yuppie?!?).

To be honest, even 3 litres more would make my life much more enjoyable.
Especially, that instead what spec says: 5.5L/100km my eliminator consumes rather 6-6.5, even up to 7L/100km which is totally outrageous.

Has anyone experience with replacing oryginal tank with different one?
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