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Snopup7 said:
A couple of years ago I was riding a back road on my ninja when a WA Stater on a bike came up behind me. Thinking "shoot, what did I do now?" But he gave me a nod and we cruised for several miles together, as it was a nice warm spring day. Anyways, we eventually caught up to a bunch of kids in a car. When the say us, the started staring out the back window, pointing and shouting, and look as if they were pissed off or something. Then the driver threw a beer can out the window, which bounced of my fairing. Now, this time there was a cop when I needed one. He pulled them over and I stoped behind to check my faring. The driver was busted for DUI and littering. The other kids had minors-in-position charges as well. I got a new faring out of it to boot.
Those kids got exactly what they deserved, they probably needed a swift kick in the butt too.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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