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Empty Bud cans from the back of a pickup at 70 MPH hurt!

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Good thing for body armor, I can't imagine what it would have done to a naked elbow.
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hard to believe we have to share the road with these folks ain't it :x

welcome to the world of blind cagers :lol:
I've lived in Charlotte for about 4 years now, but I'm relatively new to riding motorcycles in Charlotte (started last year). 99% of everyone I know is a transplant from somewhere other than NC (I moved from Dayton, OH) and they all complain about the drivers here. I've always just chalked it up to the fact that everyone complains about other drivers no matter where you live - like everyone thinks their city has REALLY BAD traffic. Now I'm starting to think there may be some truth to these allegations.

Road Rage is out of hand her in Kansas...the Law here is that if you are on the highway or the interstate you are to continue your speed and the merging/oncoming traffic has to yield right of way...the reverse that it is in California...and I guess other states...what we need is Federal laws for federal Interstates...I've been passed on the right shoulder with speeds in excess of 90MPH my speed was 70MPH, I've lane shared more times thatn I care to even think about because there was nowhere for me to go...NOW KANSAS is offering a TL Temporary License to Illegal aliens so that our insurance companies will pay off for Uninsured Motorists...where does this end? IF ther eis an accident with say a Lawn Care company the people just bail out and run like hell in every direction...leaving the other motorist setting there...things here are just plain STUPID! people get into road rage situations and we have had multiple shootings, windshield bashings, jumping up on hoods and kicking in windshields...just keep your phone handy dn be ready to speed dial 911 and stay clear or the action and try to take mental notes of what is happening... I mean dropping tennis balls out of your pocket is one thing but literally running into people or running them off the road...nuts... MY family knows that IF someone pulls a gun and points it in our direction will get immediately run directly of of the road...NO delay at all. We've had people shot and killed here, so I'm not taking a chance with my family or my car. AZ and TX look so much better when it comes to gun laws.
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Wow. That is insane. And to think ... I'm gettin' my panties in a wad over people acting like they're going to hit me. Geez ... I think I'll stay on the east coast for now.

Yep IT's Freway Blaster Fiamm Horns for me when I'm finishing off my bike...Just keep looking forward with the helmet, usuing my peripheral vision, or get run off the road. Bikers, get a little more respect here because it hasn't been that long since wearing colors was a big thing here and VERY territorial. It wasn't uncommon for me to be told to take my jacket off when I entered or left a resturaunt even though it had Hickam (Air Force Base) Rock Riders Motorcycle Club, Hickam, Oahu, Hawaii. A 10" patch on a Levi Jacket...that or get my @$$ kicked. I even knew the club these guys were in an mentioned some names of my buddies, to no avail. SO, Bikers get pretty much left alone, except for the teenies that don't know how to drive anyway. Leather is my best friend, although Levi Cotton has beeen here for me many of times. Like on the race track we were allowed to wear our Levi jackets when we Sampled racing on Campbell Raceway in Oahu. Removing mirrors and duct-taping almost everything but a portion of the tachometer was allowed and in my case my 175Kawasaki (F7) had reversable fork positions for road or ofroad. I changed tires to street tires, and had a blast in the 250 and below class of two strokes. Anyway I'm rambling. Leather is softer and more forgiving than cotton, and getting older my body hurts longer than it used to doing stupid things...even shoveling snow...!
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yea...i had a black bird (crow)hit me square in the chest at about 45 mph...almost knocked me off the bike although it scared me more than it hurt me i still ended up with a big bruise from it... :lol:
Uncle Bob said:
Am I the only one that as had a bird smack into my helmet?. Good thing it was small but still hit pretty hard.
dev4net said:
Wow. That is insane. And to think ... I'm gettin' my panties in a wad over people acting like they're going to hit me... .
I don think they're acting... People around here just plain don't pay attention. And then there's the cell phones while driving issue.... But i must admit, I've gotten a lot better about stupid drivers. When in my cage I just look at them and/or laugh and shake my head. On two wheels I get a little more demonstrative, shaking a fist or throwing my hands in the air. My wife says the anger management classes must be helping.
Uncle Bob said:
Am I the only one that as had a bird smack into my helmet?. Good thing it was small but still hit pretty hard.
I could have hit one If I wanted to :D . I was driving down a country road at about 50 mph. Saw an open stretch and turned the throttle. Just as I hit the powerband, I saw a craw flying in the same line of path as I was. About 10 feet ahead of me. I eased the throttle. I swear i could have had it If I wanted to :twisted:

TURTLES are VERY dangerous!

ZX-2R said:
TURTLES are VERY dangerous!
Funny you should mention that. I just missed one yesterday.

Moving Speed bumps that can mess up a tire real easy!
Had a guys oil filter come off of a jeep in front of me coming back from the beach one day. Had a nice sheen of oil on my fullface visor too. Oh, once while going over the big Fred Hartman bridge in Baytown, Tx. going to work at 11 pm in fog, passed a fiberglass ladder that was laying angled in the road across two lanes. Many close calls and still riding... by the Grace of God. 1984 Honda VT 500 Ascot, bought new in 1985.
i carry quarters in my riding gloves. if a cop stops you, its easier to explain quarters away rather than golf balls or marbles. i've heard of ball bearings too.

Not that I'll ever admit to it, but in the not so distand past I was crusing down a 2 lane highway (20 ish min from town) when 2 out of state cars came flying past me passing on a double yellow & curve. The back one had to slam on his binders to avoide hitting a dump truck & if I was not paying attention I'd have eatten his bumper when he cut back in.

Needless to say I flipped him the bird & honked the hourn at em (several young kids who were dressed like gang banger want-to-bee's)

Well the twits slowded down trying to cut me off & force me off the road, but as I was expecting them to do something stupid like this it did not work.

I flipped a 180* on the road & was going the other way & they turned around and tried to catch me with the person sitting behind the driver sticking 1/2 way out the window waving a rather large knife of some sort.

Do you know you can't call 911 on a motorcycle with a full face helm on so I did the next best thing.

I drew my .45ACP (left handed) & indexed it where the driver should be behind the windsheld while at the same time keeping the go juce going.

They realized what I was doing, slammed on the brakes & came to a stop flipped another 180 & that was the last I saw of them.

Never did call 911 as I failed to get the licence plate # :oops:

Yes I was wrong & never should have done that, but at that point I was getting rahter spooked & figgured they would not stop till I was hurt/dead & figgured it was either me or them.
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it was totally okay considering they had a knife. its self defense! well, in my native state of michigan it is. but i dont know about the vehicle part.
Would've been hilarious if that .45ACP was an airsoft gun. :lol:
i have a airsoft gun that looks like a real gun, besides orange at the tip, but some model paint and you would never know the difference until i shot you and you saw a bugger comin at ya!
frameslider said:
i have a airsoft gun that looks like a real gun, besides orange at the tip, but some model paint and you would never know the difference until i shot you and you saw a bugger comin at ya!
On the more quality airsoft funs, the tips are painted orange. You can use paint remover and get rid of it. Of course that's illegal, so don't do that. :wink:
talking to a mate yesterday, on his way to work someone flicked the butt of a *** out the window, which then landed inside his helmet. He then scrambled to get it out of his face, rode past and threw it back in their open window. Last thing he saw was the car pulling over with the two blokes in it frantically trying to find the said cigarette butt.

Moral of the story, if your out riding keep your visor closed, it keeps out many unwelcome visitors.
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