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Engine guards

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What kind of engine guard do you use. Cobra, MC ENTERPRISES, ?? What are the pros and cons of the different brands.
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Got a cobra b/c it was only thing available when I got the bike, and I still had to wait a month to get it.
Pro's - chrome good, excellent fit, bolted right up w/no issues (like "slight" mis-alignment, etc.), Chaps are readily available for this particular bar and provide excellent foot coverage.
Con's - looks like "every" other guaard bar, has no character; is 1-1/4" rather than 1-1/2", slight rust trail from the drain holes (of course in the PNW what do I expect!).
I got the MC Enterprise bars. Slightly squared off on the sides but they're still functional. Chrome is very good. No issues with mounting. Plug & Play.
I got these more for the looks.

I have the stock Kawi guards. One of my first inclinations when purchasing the bike was, of course, safety. That includes the freeway bar and upgraded lighting. After adding the lightbar and driving the bike with the stock guard, I am happy with it and don't feel that a Cobra, Lindby, or MCE would provide all that much difference to justify the expense. There are plenty of chaps and highway pegs that fit them as well.
i don't know which one is on mine, but it looks good.
I have the Barons Custom on mine. Good fit, easy install. Did a step-by-step here http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/f...classic-engine-guard-installation-w-pics.html for non-wrench folks to see how easy it is. I like how it sweeps up rather than being squared off and how it ends at the frame at the top.
Have the Cobra bar on mine. You can get them all day at Meancycles.com or off Ebay. On Ebay you'll pay shipping on Meancycles you won't.

Only issue I have with them is the horn doesn't really work when you put it on the cobra mount. If you tighten it up, it won't honk. If you leave it loose it will rattle against the gaurd and try to unscrew. Well, the stock horn SUCKS anyways so the answer is to buy a FIAM 80 horn at your autoparts store for 13 bucks and mount it under the right side tank and feed the wires back to the horn. It's louder than stock and won't give you mounting issues. THEN buy one of those Strebel Nautilus horns and mount it on the left side of the bike and REALLY get folks attention when you push on the horn button.

You'll probably get it all done for under 200 bucks, and it will be bootiful.

Bikes look cooler without highway bars, but they look really dumb with dented in tanks and engines.
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I went with the Lindby Linbar Lindby Custom because of the look and the integrated foot rests.
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Cobra...Good quality...Good reputation.....Perfect fit....Holds the bike up if dropped,I know for sure....Availability Good
^^^^that's sic blacked out! Nice look.
I know they make the Lindy for the 1500-1600 but does it fit the 900?
If the 900 isn't listed they aren't going to fit it. Bars for the 800 won't fit the 900, different animal. Best bet is to check out Meancycles. They have cobra & MC Enterprises for cheaper than most plus free shipping.

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I got my cobra bars for powersportaccessories.com
and they were great to deal with and for $147.00 on sale .I received them with in a week, and they look great on the bike to .Will be ordering more from them after the new year .Merry Xmas everyone

2007 900 LT
MC-1000-49 is the part # for the Classic900 MC crash bars I got mine from CruiserCustomizing.com
I know they make the Lindy for the 1500-1600 but does it fit the 900?
I just checked it doesn't look like it. Sorry
I just installed mine I ended up getting the MC Enterprises bars for my custom. Was worried about the install being a pain in the butt because of the need to relocate the stock horn but nobody ever mentioned that the relocation involved unscrewing it and remounting it to the engine guards. Took me about 25 minutes to install and i'm not mechanical by any means. Overall i'm actually pleased with the quality of these guards and doesn't look as hideous as I had imagined for my custom. I got them from meancycles.com for 156 shipped. Ordered them 5 days ago and they were at my door this afternoon.
where is the cheapest place to buy the guards? I found a new set on ebay for 119$ plus s&h around $135 in total. Anywhere else cheaper??
that's pretty cheap, i shopped around and purchased the cheapest I was able to find I did not check ebay however. I'm also unfamiliar with the kawasaki engine guards and in my opinion don't like the cbracket mounts on the kawi's and would dish out an extra 25 dollars for the cobras or MCE but as for the 135 for the kawi's that seems like a good price.
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