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engine oil

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Just curious. If I was to rebuild an old... say triple... what would be the oil of choice for it? I've heard castrol but I wanna hear what others people have had success with. Synthetic?? Valvoline?And what grade? 5-W30?10W-30??DOn't be shy.. Speak up!!!Seems like synthetic would be the way to go especially if I planned on putting a lot of miles on it...Thanks in advance......
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I don't have a triple but I run 20w-50 Amsoil synthetic in my bike. Does good by me.
I use 2 stroke oil in my triple.
......not in the crankcase yu don't:biggrin:
2 stroke oil is in the engine crankcase. Use 75 or 80wt gear oil in the transmission.
Gear oil here, too. I normally use Silkolene medium gear oil in both my triples. I know that a lot of the US triple guys use Bel-Ray Gearsaver. Just don't use Silkolene 2 stroke oil. There's stories about stuck rings from it.
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