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I have been looking for a project bike and after searching and chasing many bike i have an ER500 2007 bike. I know it does not set everybody alight with passion but to my mind it's a 500 triumph with all it problem sorted out, oil leaks, bad brakes, poor lighting and others. By this you may guess my age lol.

Now the ER500 i water cooled, when i bought it the guy said he had ridden it for sometime when the water leak occurred, he replaced the gasket and it stopped, for about a week.
I now have it and the leak is strange in that while the bike is running there is no leak, when it's stops water wee's out. I have ordered a new gasket and now waiting for it to arrive.

What i would like to know is, is there any known problems that should cause this leak. I see that Kawasaki use a silicon sealer, is this used in this area as i know from my working life that normal silicon sealer needs to have time to cure as it will not be water proof for a few hours. (also from my working life there is a product called CT1 that can be used under water and it seals but not sure on the pressure side as the cooling system on the bike has)

So any advice appreciated.
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