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shipbldr2000: how is it going? Hopefully you will read this. I need some help.

I think, minus the failing charging system, I am having the same problem as you are actually. I bought a 1992 ex500 off my buddy. For the price ($600) and the miles (25K), I couldn't pass it up as this is my first bike. I got it a little under a month ago and it has been running very smoothly. About 4 mornings ago, I went out to start it and go to work, all I got were 2 weak attempts at firing then just clicks. I was able to push start it with the help of a friend, and it ran as it has been running-didn't die or anything. Turned it off, tried to restart it-same deal. Had to push start it.
Do you think it is my starter gone bad? How much did it cost you to get a new starter? I found one online for about $60, brand new is around $260. Please email me if you read this ([email protected]) or reply to this post. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!
You know, I was wondering what the inflation has done to starters in the last 5 years...

Find and electric motor builder in your area and have them turn and under cut the commutator(under cut may not be necessary). That and a set of brushes shouldn't cost more than a $100.
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