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EX500 Fuel Reserve Question

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The EX500 fuel tank is supposed to be like 4.8 gallons. I think there is a 1 gallon reserve.

Is that 4.8 gallons total, so 3.8 gallons main?

When you fill the tank, it fills the reserve automatically, when you use the gas, it uses the main and doesn't touch the reserve. So, if you never use your reserve, that gas just sits there and gets really old?
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there is no reason for you to "go for it" the reserve tank is there for a reason and deserves your utmost respect, because if you never ever ever use it then the one time you need it the line is going to be filled with enough much that it gets pushed into your carb and you have to wait around for a friend or tow truck unless you have the ability to do curbside carb work.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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