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EX500 Fuel Reserve Question

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The EX500 fuel tank is supposed to be like 4.8 gallons. I think there is a 1 gallon reserve.

Is that 4.8 gallons total, so 3.8 gallons main?

When you fill the tank, it fills the reserve automatically, when you use the gas, it uses the main and doesn't touch the reserve. So, if you never use your reserve, that gas just sits there and gets really old?
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If you were to accidently run it dry - just prime the gas petcock - switch to reserve and let her rip. As a practice I use my petcock and switch to reserve every now and then when I think about it and just avoid the issue of having blockages with a little preventative maintenance.

And don't worry about the gas issue. i think everyone has made it quite clear that you only have one gas tank and there are not separate tanks on the 500.

Just get in the habit of knowing how to use the petcock while in motion and practice at it in the event you actually need to switch over it will be easier.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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