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EX500 Fuel Reserve Question

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The EX500 fuel tank is supposed to be like 4.8 gallons. I think there is a 1 gallon reserve.

Is that 4.8 gallons total, so 3.8 gallons main?

When you fill the tank, it fills the reserve automatically, when you use the gas, it uses the main and doesn't touch the reserve. So, if you never use your reserve, that gas just sits there and gets really old?
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It could be that since you so rarely use reserve, you just weren't used to the first sign (lack of power), so you just gave it more gas until it quit altogether. By then your carbs were empty. So you had to get them filled up before it would start again. If you flip the reserve at the first sign of power loss, and while the bike is still running, your carbs won't empty out and you can keep going without missing a beat.

It could also be that your carbs were empty and the bike was very hot and caused it to vapor lock..

When you start feeling a bit of hesitation when you are riding, flip the switch and you'll keep on scootin..
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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