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ex500 turn signal problems

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i put on my new short stalk signals about an hour ago and all but 1 work fine. the left front stays on constant and wont flash so the rear left blinks rapidly. i have double checked all my wiring and cant find a solution. any ideas?
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yes they r dual.... but could the bulb be out if it stays on constant? :-?
i disconnected the running light wire and now the turn signal works but i have only 1 running light lol.
ill give that a try. thx for the help, hopefully it works.
wow, something so small and stupid as the running light and turn signal leads being wired backwards from the factory can cause hours of confusion and anger.

thx for suggesting that diver, that was the problem.

man just changing the lights changes the whole appearence of the bike.

time for a short ride before work :grin: :grin:
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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