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exhaust 500r upgrades

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i had no plans to upgrade. but then i went cruising with a friend and his bike has some nice exhaust that sounds beautiful and i got jealous so im in the market. what exhaust systems will work well, upgrade performance and sound darn good but not ridiculously loud for a 1998 500r ninja? i mean right now my ninja just sounds like a pissed off dirt bike. im wanting a tougher sound i guess. can anyone tell me some good ideas/where to get them/how much its gonna cost?? thanks alot everyone.
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I always thought mine (also a '98 ) sounds like a lawnmower at low RPMs and a coffee grinder at high RPMs.

The Muzzy is my favorite so far, of the ones I've heard. You can find them for $300 to $350. If you replace the full exhaust, though, you'll probably need to rejet, which is another $75. If you need someone to tune it, add more to that.

If you just want more sound, you can add slip-ons (or pull the stock mufflers and hollow them out), but I've never heard any to comment on sound.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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