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I have recently bought a 97 GPZ500s ( known as the Ex500 in the states). I am a UK rider and this is my first big bike, my first bike was a CG125 which i had from new. I recently discovered that the downpipes on the stock exhaust have rotted and i am now looking for replacement pipes or possibly a full set since the mufflers are both scratched and rusting from these scratches. I have read the other post on exhausts but i can find very little information/pictures from the webistes of the manufactures, and most of the exhaust manufacturers in the UK dont do anything for the GPZ. The only ones i have managed to find are the laser-jama 2:2 system and the 2:1 system. Does anyone have any opinions with regards to 2:1 vs 2:2? i must say i like the whole look of the 2:2 system but since most manufacturers offer a 2:1 system are these superior?


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Hi Mike

Firstly hello and welcome. I'm a newbie in the uk too :)

Er, yeah, the downpipes on the GPZ500S do rot rather quick and they are quite expensive. I seem to remember about £100 each. I don't know how yours have gone, it may be possible to get them welded up.

My post http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=402 is probably quite relevant. The Nexus exhaust is quite common, partucularly on the older GPZ500S A series bikes sold second hand. You can probably find pics on biketrader.co.uk, or ebay.co.uk. Actually you can on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2456772032&category=9807 is a nexus pipe.

For parts I have found in the UK
M and P (http://www.mandp.co.uk)
MPS (http://www.thefastone.co.uk)

are all pretty good. gear4bikers were very good on the phone, guy seemed to really know his stuff and it all arrived next day. Busters were about 50p cheaper on the brakedisks but mine was on its way from gear4bikers before they had given me a quote.

MPS appear to my to be the same company as M&P but their prices differ. MPS give a 10% discount on your first order so if you are ordering an exhaust system :)

M&P/MPS are about half the price for oil filters (genuine Kawasaki ones are cheaper than their copies).

Right on to exhausts.

Motad (http://www.motad.co.uk) do the Nexxus which appears to the be the cheapest and most common. I'm guessing they will send you a catalogue if you want one. I know several people who have had motad exhausts on other bikes and they do seem to work fine and last well.

Looking about laser do a downpipe kit, don't know if you can fit it with the Kawasaki cans or not but I'm sure they would be happy to help you. The suggestion is that the JAMA Originals should be compatible with the factory parts.

They also do a 2 into 1 with EU approval (road legal).

Or go to www.laserexhausts.com and say you have a GPZ500S.
The Website lists it as for a EX500A but the M&P and MPS catalogues show the 2 into 1 for all GPZ500Ss.

You will need Adobe acrobat reader if you can't view the PDF files http://www.adobe.com

Micron do a 2 into 1 performance exhaust (listed in M&P's catalogue)
http://www.micronexhausts.com/ is flash but doesn't actually have the information you require yet.

That should be enough to get you thinking. Your other option would be to see about second hand parts (you may get lucky and find a new GPZ thats being broken).

Barton Motors http://www.usedkawasaki.co.uk
01225 427906 (+44 1225 427906) are worth a call.

Also worth mentioning is that a new (different) exhaust is something you will probably need to tell your insurance company about. If its road legal and not performance enhancing then it should not put your insurance up much, but many companies do class it as a modification :-(

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Seems things are quite a bit different. I live on a farm in Kansas so we can in this agricultural area have the catalytic converters removed from or vehicles...or set fires all over the place because the converters are so hot...but exhaust pipes and insurance rates...that's way overboard. We have Harleys and CLones running short straight pipes, and mufflers (cans) that are so loud that you can hear them a quarter mile away. Personally, I like a sweet tone, but I'm not into the LOUD pipes. You guys wouldn't believe things out here from state to state...and how loud a bike even a car can be with straight pipes! Insurance is something silly out here too. We don't even have inspections in this state. We have Chevrolet S-10's with 383 (stroker 350 5.7L) motors in them...someday our government will crack down on us...but I hope it well after I'm no longer on the roads...

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well i have a new exhaust, a Motad Nexxus. Cost me £300 inc fitting, sounds and looks like a beast, i will post pics if i ever manage to get any pics of the bike.
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