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so i did my oil change... and i thought i changed the coolant but apparently i found out that i only changed the reserve coolant... so i'll need to find out how to completely drain the coolant...

reminder... when doing the oil change... dont' take out the oil filter first.... i thought i was unscrewing the right thing because i didn't realize it was a two part deal ... all the oil came out nasty...

so im looking for things to fix up my bike... im considering keeping this bike longer than i thought so might as well put effort into it

im looking for some new fairings for the bike but apparently those are hard to find... i found these but they are red (ebay)


my left side and headlight fairings are broked (previous owner)

did some searching and this place has this weird looking thing...

bert's mega mall told me the headlight fairing costs 400 bucks!!! WOW

so yeah... im looking for a black one for cheap... im hoping someone might know a site taht STILL make these parts

next thing i am considering is changing my existing light to HID/XENON (im not sure if hid and xenon are the same)

this listing says it's dot approved... any comments on that? i wouldn't mind being able to see more at night with the low beam

then there's the blinker... i tried fixing it up with epoxy but apparently the vibration is too much for it... so im looking for new one... and those phillip lockard things aren't exactly my taste... i saw this girl have this and it looked pretty neat... except it's orange =\

i would like the cover of it to be white or smoked or omsething but orange!! anyone know hwo makes these? there must be more colors out there... =\

seats.... omg!!! they are rather uncomfortable when you ride it long... so im loooking for replacement.... something more comfy!!! i found this thing when typing ninja 250 on yahoo...
that looks so much more comfortable.. so yeah... something comfy?? anyone?

umm... exhaust... i have this kerker (previous owner) and it crys like a baby!!!!! i thought it was cool at first but after awhile... it sure gets annoying!! so i want to get a deeper rich sound... and consdierng this guy...


it's by muzzys and it doesn't look bad either... but i love that deep sound!!!

other then that... i need to figure out how to get teh spark plug out... cuz i think it's bad since my bike idle's funky... like it's about to die

i've tried lookign for sites that mod their bikes n stuff but hardly any...


do ninja 250s have air filters?????? and what's with thist jet kit thing?

okie sleep time...

update on my status riding the bike... after i told my instructor about my 12psi tires he told me it should be in the 28+ psi... =P~~~ i thought my gauge was wrong or somtehing... apparently it wasn't.... so he pumped it up for me... and i've been making turns where i scrape my shoes... AYE!!!!

need more technique =|

latta and thanx

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First, I'd look into getting a service manual. Haynes or Clymers work the best.

Yes you have an airfilter. If you create more airflow through your carbs, i.e. better exhaust or aftermarket airfilter, you need to rejet your carbs to allow more gas in. You want to keep the correct fuel/air mixture.

For replacement fairings, I'd try and fix yours, if they're only cracked, and if they are unrepairable try and find used ones.
You're most likely looking at repainting, unless you plan on forking out a large amount of cash for pre-painted parts, or get really lucky and find used ones in your color.

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i got that clymer thing already (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/books/0892870168/104-9836314-3660734) but i think it's for some other stuff becaue i don't see anyhthing about how to "service" it... meaning how to chnage this and that...

i'll have to look through the clymer book that i have again to see if it says anything about air filter (probably not)

bleah... i hated messing with the fuel/air mixture on my old 50cc scooter... (maybe shell out money to have a dealer do it =\)

well... im thinking about fiberglass on it and stuff... im assuming that will compliment the epoxy and less prone to cracking again due to vibrations.

hmm i never thought about repainting the headlight fairing.... i wonder if that cost alot. thanx

anyhow... thanx for the input!

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In my Haynes manual the very first section is routine maintenance stuff, i.e. oil change, chain lube, etc....

I used flexible bumper repair from Auto Zone to fix my cracks. It works nice, but you have to sand and paint. Call around to some local body shops and see what they'll give you for a quote for painting. If you do the prep work, it'll cut your costs majorly.

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LIST all of your parts colors and discriptions and then call OZ Cycle Salvage, in Ottawa, KS...785-242-0600. they have pipes, fairings, seats, just about anything that everybody uses and somehow manages to cr(t)rash. They have all colors of fairings, differents seats, you name it in exhaust systems...just about anythig that you want they can get. I would prefer getting my air pods(separate air filters) jetting kits either through the dealer or another source, not used, although if you are looking to keep your original carbs you can get a set from them as well...more parts!!!! I believe real strong in new chains and lubing them when I first get home so that they are still warm when the lube is applied...let the excess just runn off, fling off, and usea rag to wipe off any unsightly mess that you don't like to see. Tell them at OZ that Lindsey Angell from Gardner and a KAWEASAKI FORUM Member said to give you the right price!!!
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