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Extended Warranty on a 2003 ZX6RR

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Hi everyone!!! :D

I just bought a 2003 ZX6RR with 1000 miles on it. The original warranty ends at the end of June. My question is, should I get an extended warranty? What type? 2, 3 or 4 years? This bike has a lot of electronic gizmos that can go wrong! Plus I don't know how well the previous owner took care of it, he said he took care of it but you never know! I'm also wondering how the extended warranty works! Do you have to have proof of schedule maintenance before the dealer will do any warranty work? I don't have any proof from the previous owner. Do you have to buy it from your local Kawasaki dealer or from any dealer in the US?

Bottom line is an extended warranty worth it?

Anyway any help would be greatly apreciated!

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Sounds like a question better left for Beartooth Kawasaki to answer direct...give them the call 1-800-556-3098...Personally I like troubleshooting electrical problems...engine problems EFI, ECU,,,no way dude...IF you can get it and can afford it...it's money in your pocket IF you EVER had to use it...!
I bought the +4 year coverage on my new ZZR600----mainly because my last bike(Yamaha-never again) died after 3 years of hard use.

I figured if I got 5 years out of this one---I was money ahead-----plus I'm covered for the whole time.

I also made sure I got a water cooled bike this time----look how long cars last. I'm positive inadequate cooling contributed to the Yamaha's early demise.
Thanks everyone!

Hey ZX-2R, I followed your advise and called Beartooth Kawasaki!!

WOW :shock:

They beat the pants off of every dealer I called!!!

Kawasaki mailer: 48 months = $637
Local Kawasaki Dealer: 48 months = $485 to $570
Kawasaki Dealer on eBay: 48 months = $450
Beartooth Kawasaki: $385!!!!!

I'm going with Beartooth Kawasaki !! :D

Thanks a bunch!
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$385? All I can say is congrats on that one. I just bought an '04 ZX6R and if they will offer me the same deal, I'll buy the extended warranty even though I just bought the bike.
Warranty Info

ZX6RRNewbie, I'm as excited as you are! Beartooth has been great to me. I ordered Manuals from them, so that I could put a Salvage yard 250R together with everything that I wanted...they told me about 2 maybe 3 weeks...6 days later...in hand. I've sent them emails, called them on the phone...they are just great and have a seamless chain of command. They just don't miss anything! I'd like to see them more active in the use of the FORUM, though. Since they OWN the forum, they could advertise and even answer the questions...yet they quietly smile and read the Forum, all the while knowing...ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CALL! I'm excited about hopefully getting my Salvage bike out of the Salvage yard on the road. When I get through with my wifes Kidney and heart surgery, the 6-8 weeks of dialysis and then the surgery to put in her kid sisters kidney into her and she is all stable and has her mom and a couple sisters here, I may try to swing a financial miracle, and get something new from Beartooth. The operation is going to take her out of work, and money will be tight, but with gas prices and all my other bills I have to get something much cheaper to drive/ride. Happy things are working out, for your bike and that you made the call...now you have that piece of mind, knowing that Warranty papers are under your belt!
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ZX-2R I'm really sorry to hear about your wife's surgery. :( I hope everything goes well.

I have to agree with you on Beartooth Kawasaki, they're awesome and have the best prices I've seen anywhere. My local dealer is a crook! I was buying a Nelson Riggs magnetic tank bag and found that the MSRP for the one I wanted was $52, but my local kawasaki dealer wanted $65!!! I got on the internet and bought it for $42!! I only go to my local dealer to try on jackets, gloves, helmets, then I order it online! I wonder how they stay in business!

By the way, you're absolutely right I'm going to sleep a lot better with the extended warranty and for $385 how can I go wrong!

Thanks for your comments!

I believe in supporting my dealer to the fullest degree that is reasonable. If it is at retail, then he needs the profit to keep his shop open for us. I understand that selling bikes ther is not much profit in the bike, it's in TBA, Tires, Battteries, Accessories, and service...things like selling you an aftermarket exhaust system at MFG Suggest Retail,,,that is okay, and installing a carb kit, rejetting, doing maintenance with the proper tools and having the authorized service professional doing the work that is fine...but then you find dealers like where Curt went and they put the wrong jets in, it didn't run right when it left the shop, and he paid good money to the Professionals that have the tools and knowledge to do the job and then they mess it up...as far as I'm concerned, IF a shop accepts the work and gets paid for the work, it had better work when it leaves the shop, or they should come in and explain that you need this or that before they start...IF THEY don't know what they are doing, then they shouldn't attempt the job, and they should be held 100% accountable for any damage or repairs, broken parts...etc, that they caused by their error. I know that some dealers would choke on this, but the good ones the HONEST ones won't. There are dealers out here that are one arm bandits (nice way of saying crooks), even worse when they lie to you, and they are giving the industry a bad name...I won't mention any dealers in my area...because I was told that I shouldn't say anything, if I couldn't say anything good at all. Buying gear at retail cost is okay, if you have a dealer that is honest...if you don't have one then you have to resort to traveling further, going to a specialty shop, or trying to network with FORUM friends for not only information, but tools, and parts...IN SHORT...WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE BEARTOOTH KAWASAKI...and this Forum...a fellowship of friends from around the world, one thing in common...the love for motorcycles...to hell with boundaries...
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I'm with you ZX-2R, just found out my local dealer carries Memphis Shades so I'm going to give them a shot before looking elsewhere. So far they are excellent & have broken the steriotypical mold of car/bike dealers. Seems they really care about the customer & are not out to screw them.

WIll check in with them next week or so to see about pricing & if they are going to try and gouge me. Figgure I'll see about having it installed the same time I have the 600 mile service done to try and cut down on the overall cost. Am also going to see if they can get a brake light flasher & install that at the same time. I'm worthless when it comes to electrical installs so for me it's better to have a pro do the work right the 1st time.

If things don't pan out I'll contact Beartooth & see what they can do. We've been to Red Lodge several times & have always camped at the KOA there. Wish I'd have known about Beartooth the last time we were in the area (last summer) and I'd have stoped in. However, they are about 525 miles from here (8+hours) and I just can't make the trip anytime soon :cry: :cry:
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Look first

Look at led's first...tail lights...they already have a plug in version...IF you can't find one..I'll find the address...

Try http://www.hyperlites.com/ You could also do a search for "Glow wire"
Re: Look first

ZX-2R said:
Look at led's first...tail lights...they already have a plug in version...IF you can't find one..I'll find the address...
Was not able to find any plug & play LED replacement tail lights searhing the web using google. Will check out Hyperlites as I'd love to get a LED tail light. That was one thing I really liked about the????????? (forgot if it's suzuki or Yamappopper that have them stock)

I also like the idea of a LED lighted license plate frame. Just don't want to trun the bike into a rolling freakey lightshow :D :D :D

From the saddle the only time that you will see it is if you are in front of a show room window...and as far as the lightshow...once again it's not for you to see, only the plastic and steel thousands of pounds traveling at whatever speeds...as long as it doesn't destroy their night vision...you know...

Then again there are some pretty cool undertails being made and the newer nearly flush mount turn signals that look more like blisters...check out some of the ads in Sport Rider Magazine
here is a good under tail i want for my ZX-6R (i don't have it yet, but i will!)

looks absoluty WICKED on a ZX-6R
Most all of the undertails for the 6r look like that. That's exactly the way mine looks. Adding the tag and small carbon fiber turn signals
OK guys! Here's the latest scoop on the extended warranty for my 2003 ZX-6RR: 8)

I found a NYC Kawasaki Dealer offering Kawasaki GTPP 4 year extended warranties for $365 on eBay and I bought one! I don't think anyone can beat that, at least not by much!

This is their website: http://www.newyorkmc.com

Anyway! Thanks for all your help! I'm a happy camper now! :D
By the way ZX-10R Urza !!!

I want one of those undertails too!!!!! :shock:
They are totally AWESOME!!! If you find some less expensive than $188, let me know!! Installation looks like it's a bit daunting but I think I can manage.

Keep me posted!

yeah, they are WICKED, i'll see if i can find a more affordable one. installation isn't that hard, even if you don't know wiring, it can be learned pretty quick. alirght, nice bike and post some vids :)

NOW tell me that Kawasaki couldn't order these mods and have them installed for us...so at least we could have stock or just one mod that they supported nationwide...
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