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F&S Light Bar for 1500FI

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I am planning to get a light bar, and leaning towards the F&S, but it looks like it might be alot wider than the stock bar. Can anyone tell me how they look, and if I have better options? I don't want turn signals hanging out into the next lane :???:
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I have the F&S lightbar (still needs installing) and just went out to the garage and held it in place and it matches the same width as the stock turn signal lights.

To me...it is a nice looking light bar. At each end it is rounded (curved) and the chrome looks good. There is a switch on the top so you can switch the lights on and off seperately if you want.

Let me know if you want pictures?

One of these days....I'll get to installing it. :)
Your welcome!

So far I have had good luck buying the Kawasaki parts. I also have the F&S engine guard....passenger backrest....luggage rack....windshield....and they all look nice to me.
Will do spok. I'll shoot a few today and post them.
spok....I sent you email.
I have pictures hosted on an MSN account that you can get to by clicking on the links in my signature.

Did you want pictures of the lightbar also? I can send them by email if you prefer? I looked for an email and didn't see one listed.
Good point Kazoorider!

Before I bought my light bar....I made sure when I ordered the F&S lowers that I got the ones made to be used with the F&S light bar
I love your bike T-man! :) Lots -O- Chrome

Did you add the light bar (wire it yourself?) and if so can you offer any pointers?

yeti1....Is it just me or does your light bar sort of have a turned down hood? Maybe it's the angle of the picture and I'm not seeing it correctly?
And these are my good glasses I'm wearing! :shock:

Thanks yeti1. :)
kk7cx said:
I just installed F&S lightbar on my 2001 FI and I am extremely happy with it. I had the same reservations as you as to the width of the assembly, but it looks great. Good luck and enjoy. John.


How did you wire yours? Mine is waiting for me to get to it. ;)
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