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F&S Light Bar for 1500FI

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I am planning to get a light bar, and leaning towards the F&S, but it looks like it might be alot wider than the stock bar. Can anyone tell me how they look, and if I have better options? I don't want turn signals hanging out into the next lane :???:
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i didn't like the signals on the outside of the lightbar either. wound up going with f&i billet lightbar for more chrome and having the signals under the running lights. the dealer had to do some mods to make it fit with a windshield (someone at cruiser customizing said that this involved using 3/4" spacers and longer bolts). have not added lowers yet but have seen pics with lowers and this lightbar installed. you can check out pic of my bike at www.cruisercustomizing.com/yeti1. i did easily wire the lightbar on my magna and will look and see what wires the fi1500 is hooked up to if you need info. soldering connections with shrink tubing worked great on my other bike. mine is hooked up thru the running light circuit and adds alot of extra visibility.
must be the pic. the top surface of the lightbar is pretty much level with the ground in real life.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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