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I am having some issues with the crankshaft weights hitting the sides of the case when I tighten the case screws down on my 1975 F11 250.

The new bearings went in perfectly after freezing them. The crank was rebuilt professionally with new rod, washers, bearing.

I used a Tusk puller to pull the crank into the left case half. I installed the transmission, applied a thin coat of Yamabond and tapped things together.

At first I got interference on the right side - the crank wouldn't spin - the oil receiver was hitting the bearing retainer in the case. So I pulled the crank into the left case a bit more, and then got interference on that side.

I pulled everything apart again :(

What am I doing wrong?

All the bearings, seals, and transmission went in perfectly. I thought the cas halves would be the least of my worries!

Can anyone shed some light?
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