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I have a Factory Effex Graphic kit for 1999-2002 KX 125 -KX 500 ( I think these are the years the set will fit - you may want to double check if you are interested)
I would like either to sell or trade for a nice gas tank, fork tubes or nice rims ( with tires and rotors, if possible ) that would fit a 1999 KX 250 - I think rims off the 99-02 KX 125 or 250s will work.

These sku numbers are from the motorcycle-superstore.com web page.

Factory Effex Lower Fork Graphics SKU# 171440

Factory Effex Swingarm Graphics SKU# 171595

Factory Effex Front Fender Graphics SKU# 171244

Factory Effex Rear Fender Graphics SKU# 98956

Factory Effex EVO 6 Series Graphic Kit SKU# 171101

I spent $112.00 plus shipping for these - make me an offer or trade. I had already ordered another set and forgot to cancel my order for these.
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