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fat kid crashes moped

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I was thinking..........why cant I have that vacant lot next to me
haha fat people
with friends like that who needs enamas?
That was yet so wrong, but yet so funny to see mr. Lardball tumble off that tiny ped!
that slow-mo part reminded me of the pink panther movies. thats funny stuff right there.
At first it looked like he had suffered a severe lower back laceration, then you could see it was his shorts falling down...
Ouch had to hurt...
lol. I am sure he is fine, but I don't think the moped is in good shape.
that was funny
wow, that moped deserves some serious props
Reminds me of SNL - can you say "PAT"?
That Boy needs a 2k and new friends.
I need to get the brand of that Moped. That company makes bikes that can stand up to a lot of torture.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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