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Feeling Good

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Hi Guys and Gals,
Over here in the south of Oz we are on water restrictions as we are in the middle of a drought and are only able to water the garden at certain times on certain days by buckets or hand held hose, no spinklers.
So while watering the lawn tonight my neighbour came home and started talking to me and what she had to say was very pleasing to hear.
My oldest son was 15 on the 23rd and he had a few friends over on Saturday. While they were here I went for a ride and was away for about 2 hours and left them alone the only thing I said to my son was not to have the music to loud.
Anyway my neighbour asked me about a birthday and said she never heard them and went on to say that they are a credit to me with the way they behave.
So for a single dad this is great to hear and that I am doing something right in turning these two boys of mine into responsible young people that I can be proud of and am doing the best I can.
Sorry had to share.
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Isn't it great to hear that you've done a good job as a parent? Good for you!

Sorry to hear about the water restictions, but that is the norm here in south Florida, as well. We are allowed to water with sprinklers, either in-ground or on a hose, but we are restricted to one day a week, in my city.

Anyway, good job with the boys. If you've tought them well enough that they behave well as teens, they should have few problems as adults.
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