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FInally able to get my Prarie on the trails again...

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Late last year, I had a little accident playing in a creek, when a buddy lost contril of his 360, and t-boned me in the left front tire, causing to crack my knukle. Well I was finally able to get the part, lack of miney (135.00), and replaced it this past weekend. I can't tell you how funit was to get it back in the mud. The steering knuckle connects to almost everything in the front end, axle, shock, tie rod, swing arm etc., but was relativly easy to replace. I would say anyone with tools, and some general wrenchability could do this, saves ya a buck or two. Just note that there was a recall for this part, actually it is for the pinch bolts that hold it on place. I would bring yours in, and get the bolts replaced, as upon inspection, I noticed alot of wear and stress cracks in mine, which I don't think were related to the wreck.
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